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Corporate Identity

What it is and why it is important to you?

A Corporate Identity is the starting block for corporate design; it is the foundation from which all related brand themes will stem. It is essentially a promise and should embody the company's philosophy and goals. 

To any business Corporate Identity is a powerful asset and one of which immediate perceptions regarding a company's stature, performance and ability to deliver are formed. It is the pivot on which your potential new business hangs. Therefore it is not surprising that it should be approached with more than a little consideration.

Development time is the key to creating a new identity of quality. It may be necessary to perform some research within the chosen business sector in order to gauge public opinion or perceptions regarding color or shape which may affect potential purchasing attitudes.

A new identity should not rely on a current design trend or gimmicks, it should consider longevity yet be flexible enough to adapt to changes internally that may affect a company's scale or future direction. During development its application to a variety of media should be evaluated so it can be deployed at a later stage within a range of environments without conflict.

A successful identity has to work hard within its market arena yet they often employ simple themes to effectively communicate their desired message to an audience. 
In an ideal world, developing a new corporate identity for startup or existing business would be recommended. Working from 'ground up' would provide the supporting elements and fore site to easily propagate the Brand into various design environments.

This would be the correct way to implement a corporate identity programme, in reality though this is not always possible. Many businesses already employ an identity and the impact of complete revision may raise complex issues internally or damage public awareness. Should this be the case we can look to make subtle adaptations to your existing identity to act as a refresh between major revisions? This will provide an extension to Brand life and new themes without compromising your existing public image.

Whatever your requirements we can work with you to develop a strong corporate image that is easy to manage and will position you within your target market. Every year we help businesses of all sizes to Brand they effectively and we can tailor your requirements to a budget. We work simply and we like good old fashioned communication. We will present you with the solution we feel is correct but always supported with a range of alternatives.