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Online Payment Solutions

If you own an e-Commerce store, or oversee any kind of monetary transaction online, then you should consider integrating sophisticated payment solutions to help streamline your online operations.
Here at Spark Systems we've developed an innovative Online Payment Solutions platform that can be customized to fit any business, any industry, any size.

But truly, this all-inclusive system is specifically fantastic for small and mid-sized businesses looking to get a better understanding of e-Commerce capabilities, as well as a better foothold on the transactions made through their website.

Features of our Online Payment Solutions

Companies who integrate our Online Payment Solutions can enjoy a streamlined experience when managing their:

  • Online payments
  • Invoicing
  • Subscriptions
  • Billing
  • Reports
  • Credit card authorization
  • EFT / ACH Direct Deposit transactions
  • Total orders
  • Customer management

Benefits of our Online Payment Solutions

Our Online Payment Solutions are extremely user-friendly and surprisingly cost-efficient, making them easy to utilize for those of us who aren't tech geeks, and easy afford for everyone in today's economy.
The Spark Systems Online Payment Solutions can be customized in almost every aspect: from the look-and-feel to the functionality. The system is also quite versatile: you can choose to integrate the Online Payment Solutions directly into your online store or website, or run it as a separate payment application for your business.

Total Access over your Online Payments and Transactions

Our Online Payment Solutions give you the ability to manage, monitor and modify virtually every element of the e-Commerce environment, including:

  • customer order history
  • product or service invoices
  • subscription payments
  • payment pricing
  • payment intervals
  • email invoices and subscriptions
  • approval and/or denial notifications of payment
  • payment status
  • EFT / ACH direct deposits