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Our Methodology

A successful website requires careful analysis, strategic planning, agile development and professional support, based on your company’s needs. Our methodology combines targeted marketing goals with innovative solutions for successful completion and delivery of the final solution.

Our methodology includes:

  • Inception
  • Conceptualization
  • Implementation
  • Deployment & training
  • Continued Support

Inception (Phase I)

The inception phase is the initial stage of your project.  During this phase we get to know you and your business, define target audience, purpose and objective of the project, and policies for information development and use.

Identify and Document Vision & Goals

Determine Design & Technical Requirements Once we have an understanding of your business and your company objectives, we will make recommendations to best achieve your goals. Our strategic planning process will create an initial blueprint of your project.

Conceptualization (Phase II)

The second phase of your project is the conceptualization stage.  This is where the creation and design process begins! Our professional designers mold your inspiration into an original creation for review. This is the most important stage because The design of your website is the first impression many will have of your business or organization. During this phase we will create the look and feel of your site, other issues to be addressed:

  • Navigation & Architecture Documented
  • User Interfaces Planned & Sketched
  • Functionality Plan Developed
  • Initial Design Concept Created
  • Technical Documentation is developed
  • Storyboard Created

At this stage we also finalize the technologies to be used in the project. Once this stage is complete development of the website begins with the implementation phase.

Implementation (Phase III)

The third phase of your project is the implementation phase. Now that a finalized blueprint is in hand our developers can start construction of your site. During this phase the following will take place:

  • Database & Programming Developed
  • Graphical Elements & Motion Graphics Created
  • User Interfaces Designed & Coded
  • Content Integrated
  • Testing & Quality Assurance Review Throughout
  • Client Walk-Through & Approval

Once the layout and construction process is complete we will insure that the site is simple to navigate and conveys your company’s marketing message. At key points in the development process, the client will be given access to housed development/staging servers; the client will be aware of the visual and technical direction and will revise and approve of the project’s progression through designated revision rounds.

Deployment (Phase IV)

The fourth phase is the deployment & training stage. During this stage we will prepare your site for launch. Before the launch we will ensure:

  • Soft Launch at Private Web Address
  • Continuous & thorough testing will ensure a flawless final solution
  • Work directly with your company to ensure technical & usability standards are met.
  • Ensure final project requirements have been met
  • Create a launch date and plan
  • Final Project Walk-Through & Client Training
  • Launch Live to the Public

Now your site is ready, we will submit your site to the appropriate search engines for maximum exposure.

Continued Support (Phase V)

The final phase of your project is the continued support phase. Now that your site has been launched it is important to keep your site up to date. We will also create an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure your site stays fresh and marketable for your client base. Our professional support team is always available to provide assistance.