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MT Boxing Club

MT Boxing Club

MT Boxing Club is The home of most qualified experts where athletes can expand their full potential to train and develop skills with the world`s greatest boxing trainers

Problem statement definition / challenges:

- Highly Availability: we need the solution to be highly available.
- Fault Tolerance: the solution can't go down for any reason, and we need to make it nearly 100% up all the time.
- Scalability: the solution serves the MT Boxing Club
- Performance: The solution needs the best performance from either the technology or the infrastructure.

Proposed Architecture:

- Amazon VPC to create a private network for resources such as databases, cache instances, or internal services.
- AWS Aurora combines the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.
- Route 53: for Highly DNS Management Service.
- ELB Application Load Balancer: to distribute the loads to different EC2.
- Auto Scaling: for elasticity and scalability: the number of running EC2 can scale out and scale in automatically to adapt the running servers with the demands.
- API Gateway: for all mobile application rest API requests with caching layer features within the API Gateway.
- Security: addressing the shared responsibility model between AWS and us. We shared the security responsibility where AWS securing our infrastructure and gave us the tools to secure our data and application at rest and on transit.
- S3 with Cloud Front: to server all static images for our users in a high-performance manner with caching layer features.
The Technology (.NET Core):

To get the best performance for a secure environment the needs for .NET Core technology
We are using ASP.NET Core 6 Programming Language for the below advantages:
- Security: It is from the .NET family with the highest protection of sites from any attempts to hack.
- Speed: It is  faster than ASP.NET
- Modernity: It is the latest language released and its latest update  was issued in 2022