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Case Studies

Saudi Tickets
Saudi tickets is The main Platform of ticketing at Saudi Arabia Providing more than one Million tickets every year for the sports fans.
TicketMX is The main Platform of ticketing at Saudi Arabia Providing more than 10 Million tickets every year for the Entertainment Sector.
El Moasser CRM
EL-Moasser CRM is one kind of CRM used by sellers and admins to facilitate books distribution in Egypt. As the strategy of marketing is based on giving teachers free books or gifts and as we have about 1.2 million teachers all-round Egypt and about 45 thousand schools, the client needed to develop a CRM to manage the representative and plan their work including tracking deliveries and data for teachers, schools, education centers, and bookstores.
TSEBO Group is a leading workplace management solutions provider across Africa Middle East, operating in over 27 countries, with over 38,000 employees, TSEBO Solutions Group offers to their client's improved workplace productivity that supports their success. Our target was to design and develop a CRM system for the catering and cleaning division in TSEBO, this system will help them improve their work process by making it faster and reliable than the paperwork system.
Ma3ak application
Ma3akApp is a comprehensive educational toolkit covering the Egyptian Ministry of Education curricula. The application is designed to help students achieve their educational objectives in an easy-to-use format at the pace they choose. When we start building the Ma3akApp.
POSMX is a POS application that manages sales, inventory, and employees with ease; engages customers, and increases your revenue. Whether you have single or multiple stores, POSMX help to run the business.
Padel Rush
PADEL RUSH is the ultimate destination for Padel players in Saudi Arabia looking to either learn the sport, improve their skills, or have some fun with friends in a fully equipped facility.
MT Boxing Club
MT Boxing Club is The home of most qualified experts where athletes can expand their full potential to train and develop skills with the world`s greatest boxing trainers