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Spark Systems  are AWS Consulting Select Partner

Spark Systems are AWS Consulting Select Partner

06 October 2020

Proudly we are one of the top 3 companies certified in Egypt from AWS.  6th Of October 2020 , we are officially AWS Consultant Partner. 

We are now eligible for additional opportunities to expand and differentiate your public sector business with AWS. 

Why AWS Partnership?!

AWS have a completely different business model than traditional IT suppliers.

AWS’s core business is based on service innovation. They focus on broadening and improving the tools, processes and infrastructure that have disrupted a whole market and that keep them at the top of all cloud platforms rankings in the world. And for service management that is where the partners come in.

And the customers, what do they get?

1- Expertise : the customer would do it for the first time but with Solution Architect and DevOps team from the partner, the job would be done in cost effective and well architected approach

2- Simplicity: customer can focus in their business and its growth while keep the job to the dedicated account team.

3- Continued Improvement and optimization: it is never one stop task, it is journey to the cloud world. It always better to stay up to date with all new services from AWS and the best practice guidance

4- Proximity: Dealing with a local or a regional partner which understands your language, culture and your business.