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The ABC of Building a website

The design of your web site is critical.Its maybe the first glimpse for you as a potential customers- the first impression that must reflect the strengths and ideals of our company.

We design and develop websites for organizations wanting to use the medium as an integral part of their marketing mix.

We have an in-depth understanding of the design, technological and marketing processes required to help companies define their strategy and deliver website solutions that reap the benefits available on the Internet today.

Successful artwork for the Internet is achieved by balancing the needs of strong, eye-catching website design with the technological constraints of download times and the ability to work in all browsers using a minimum of plug-ins.

We start our work by Design analysis, using the latest techniques, design theories and tools, and possess experts’ sense of art that’s reflected in considering the most technical and artistic details (typographies, different resolutions, browsers compatibility, usability, etc).

Sparks Systems have its methodology that we can determine it in the following steps:

Information Gathering

This is the first thing we want to define clearly before any other step is taken. we need to decide what the main purpose of the website is - what we want to focus on in terms of a subject. It is important that we define this step as clearly as possible because a website’s focus has a major impact on the whole project; this is the ‘foundation’ of the site.


This builds off of the first step, where now we look at actual features that we need to implement. Now we can start mapping out the major sections of the website; drawing out quick diagrams of the website is a useful way of doing this.


At this stage of the process, you are ready to start looking at the visual aspect of the site – the design, this is where the hard work we did in the First Steps comes into play. Having a clear definition of our target customer will help guide many of our decisions when the specific work of designing your new business Web site begins.


We can finally start building the actual site at this point! With the above questions answered and steps completed, we can start building the website writing the code and work on implementing the design.

Testing and Delivary

At this final stage we test all the project applying all types of tests like  Functionality,  Usability,  Interface,  Compatibility, Performance and Security testing. And after making sure that the system is free of bugs and errors it delivered to  the clinet.